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November 3, 2018


A Sign at The Munk Debates, 2018

“The Future of Politics is Populist”




But does it?


You speak of hate

as it were an evil

in and of itself

but misapprehend

the tool from its abuse


Hate is not a thing

to be legitimized

like equality

like tolerance

Hate is not undesirable

in and of itself

There is a hate

both good and just

unlike your words

correctly pointing

other than your hope

Hate as a weapon

opposing relentless evil

if unchecked

would destroy

is a noble thing

Like the hate we use

with neither shame nor embarrassment

to oppose

murder, bigotry, pedophilia, dishonesty, injustice, rape, genocide, discrimination, abuse, intolerance …

pointed arrow-like

at our common foe


A mere difference of opinion

is inappropriate for hate

As either its source

or as its target


Each New Day A Miracle
Copyright Peter Rhebergen
All rights reserved