Poetry by Peter Rhebergen

Each New Day a Miracle
What Did We Do?
I Tried
God Does Not Change
It Doesn't Matter
Just. End. It.
Lunar Denial
Hard to be Certain
After a Whle
Your History Won't Matter Anymore
Do You Ever Stop ... to Think?
Just. Breathe.
Sneak Attack
False Hope
He was Different
Absence of Reason
My Brave Face
What I'm Happy to Have
Too Many Heroes
Jesus' Lost Tomb
What Do I Do Now?
I Don't Know
My Feelings Come Out, Some Times
I Couldn't Care Less ...
Notre Dame de Paris, du Monde
My Smile is Bravely Huge
How My Depression Works
Why do I Love God?
I Have So Much To Tell You ...
Who Were You
Good Today
Forgive Others
How Must Heaven Weep
Maybe ...
Our Great Loss
The Scream
Not as Big as it Used to Be
October Comes
Speak the Truth
Every Person Knows
If You Only Knew
Truth Unseen
A Big Bang
Beneath the Altar
Everyone Knows
We Lost Too Much
As It Happened
Diverse, But ...
These Words
I Sat Before a Man
Toxically Masculine
You Who Stand at the Front Line
None Of You
At First I Thought it was an Accident
I Am Heartbroken
Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit
There Are Days ...
I Wonder
Spock's Smile
Today is Bland
Evil Wants What Evil Wants
Me or Not Me
Victims Say Their Offender
'They' Say to Talk
Sometimes It's Easier
Oh My Father!
Advertising Conundrum
This Moment, Now
My Fault
Not a Good Time
I Sit
Would Evil Confront Reason
Mis-placed Humour
The Fifty Percent 'Solution'
What Would We Do?
This World's Ruin Surrounds Me
Beneath the Stars You Lie Abed
Found on Facebook
My Words
Theological Discussion
Dancing Light
Christmas Hats
May You Live in Interesting Times
Even as I Act
Rufus' NASA Joke
Even the Best
White Picket Fence
The Quiet
This Road I'm On
Just Last Week
A Sign at The Munk Debates, 2018
Late Fall Afternoon
But on the Eleventh
Our Golden Child
Dear God!
The Apostle Paul's Patent Cure
I Forget ...
Life Is Wonderful!
Staggering Toward God
My Dog's Loneliness
It. Is. Hard.
My Cry is Silent
My Quiet Pool
My Reaction
The Gap
Stephen Hawking's Big Question
Not Alone
A Crazy Day
Conversation with the Delivery Man
Ode to the Pink Pimpernel
Thursday - Middle Evening
The Promise
Dear Mr. Trudeau
Crossing Jordan
Looking for Beauty
I Wonder
The Sunny Day
Ivy Lea
the interesting thing
For Charlie & Annie
Don't Look Down
It's Not Your Fault
Just Kidding :)
Most of My Photos
My Smile Falls Off
You May Think
He Said Something Like
Gone Solo
Thoughts ... Prayers
Have You Ever Wondered
Fear & Division
I'd Like to Sleep
Frighteningly Odd
A Different Life
We Like to Blame These Things
Sometimes I Wonder
If Heaven Is
Expect the Worst
I Am Broken
There Was a Time
From the English Patient
On "Vermeer's Hat"
When I Was A Kid
How Do We Know?
From My Office Front Door
Bond, James Bond
The Other Night there was a Racket
One Hundred Years from Now
Conversationally Challenged
Sir Isaac & Me
My Prime Purpose
Browsing History
I Should be in a Boat
So Much Evil
I am not Heroic
These Casual Horrors
En Garde!
Well Now
Just This
Wishful Thinking
I MIght Even
Out on the New Cut Grass
It Takes So Long
I Don't Know How
They Left Me Here
Some Times
Today is One. More. Day
So Many Years
Fifteen Seconds
Morning, Again
Leave the Doorway Open
Little Stella, Again
Event Horizon
As I Am Now
On Earth
Sometimes, I Think
My Father!
Truth Surrounds You
So Weird a Place
You Wonder?
The Less Real
Where the Wind Wills
My World Feels Upside Down
Alone ...
How did I get Here
Best of all Possible Worlds
I May Not be of the Best Men
The 'Irony' is Staggering
Little Stella
"The Alleged Driver ..."
If I Think
You Speak of the High Road
The Hardest Part
Nothing Special
You Saved Me!
What You Could Have Done
Dancing on the Tightrope
Cain came to God with His Offering and was Angry
Just Because
I Want ... No
The Edge
On Being Overlooked
Crazy World
Will this be the new 'real'?
The Door
We were Made to be Immortal
Faith - Hope - Love
The Wound is Deep
Nineteen-Eighty-Four (Plus Thirty-Three)
Hope Springs Eternal
These Waves Crash Upon the Shore
I Win
You Don't really Want to Know, do You?
The Beauty of Life
I am Tempted at Times
I Crawled Out of My Hole, Slowly
Days Stand Atop Themselves
I'm not Sure which are Worse
What Transpires
Add Another Letter
I was Alive when Apollo Flew
Can We do This/That?
On Listening to James Horner's Movie Themes
To a Friend
There is Nothing, Nothing at all
Were it not for God
The Tormentor
Mid-Standing Wild Stream's Torrent
so much "Us", so much "Them"
This Life so Sorely Needs a Light
Once Filthy
Jesus ws there too ...
Falling Off ...
oh God be with me, today
The Calling
To Damascus
Some Days Life will Smile at You
Dave & Morley's Silence
I've a Hole Inside Me
Don't Presume to Tell Me
It Shrinks
The Mirror Shows Unfairly
Praying to an Ineffective God
Nothing At All!
Yesterday, a Tear Filled Prayer
You Think it a Trivial Thing
Not the Biggest
To Maged Yacoub
It is Shown Me Constantly
You Laught to Scorn
Every Day
I do not Doubt
Not a Good Place To Be
Off to One Side
Last Night ...
Pieces of Me
Death Flows Soft About Me
Sometimes I Wonder if I've Misapprehended God
I Feel Worthless
Her Voice, Lord, is Large
Oh Father, this World, it Cries
Brakes Squeal
Walled In
I am Weak
Is It Wrong?
Abandoned on ths Lonely Shore
I See You And ...
I Would not Say what God has Said
"... and God said ... and it was so ..."
Speaking as a Man II
The Red Shirt's Song
I Wonder
This is not what makes Me Proud
Oh! Give to Me an Endless Sky
Should Love Grow Cold
The Soul has been Devoured
They that Love Their Sin Increase
What's the use
Speaking as a Man I
I Mourn Their Loss, These Forty-Nine
The Purpose of the Line Connecting Us
Don't go Blaming the Church for Your Pain
This. Has. Got. To. Stop!
Each Time You Open Your Mouth
Sometimes Facebook Hurts
How can this Soul Please You?
Fortress (O. S.)
One Look at the World Around Us
Did You not Make this Earth
The Sower
It has been Often Said
The News is Depressing
I'm Sorry
Psalm 76:10
You Couldn't be more Wrong if You Tried
I am Niether Weak nor Small
We have Rebelled, are Rebels Still
May My Small Voice Praise You!
You Called here Home Before Me
Weep / Hope
We Bring the Good News
When ...
Into that Silent Darkness
Even ...
Beside the Wild Water
I do not Begrudge You Your Pain
Rose Left the Spectacle Before I Came
Across the Sea ...
It's Kind of Funny
Is it Naïve to Hope?
But Pray!
We Blame the Maker
Pieces of Me ...
An Invisible Man
I Know I Couldn't Continue
We do Good
There is not Glory Enough
Not with a Whimper nor with a Bang
God of all Creation
When You Told Me
It is Finished
Not Brittle, not Fragile Even
Am I a Man or an Automaton
Where Ways Divide and Heart Tugs Soul
Do I Matter ... At All?
Will Anyone Care for Me
Je ne suie pas Charlie Hebdo
Dreary Friday Before Christmas at Work
Have You no Clue What You are not Doing Does
None Untouched
Careless Snow Falls Through Indifferent Cold
What Kind of Love, then, is this?
This Morning in Church
I Know that I Shall Never See
The Leaves are Changing Colour
I may not know all of Him
Sticks and Stones
Were I a Spade to See
Words may Make a Thing Seem Pure
I will Rejoice, for You are My God
Whatever's Written in Your Heart
So far from Joy Have I Fallen
There is a Life that Grows Inside You
Joy Fleets as Summer Rain
The Greatest Proof of God We Need
Careless Words and Those Unspoken
A Mother's Love Reminds
Must be Some Almighty Love for Such a Hate to be ...
I Used to Have an Opinion or Two
I was a Child when Apollo
I Feel the Undertrodden
The Ship and the Storm
Reason ... Or Lies
God does not take Refuge
Once Upon a Time
You May Not Enjoy Hearing It From Me
You Deride My Words
I Came to the River and Stood by
We Could no More Restrain The God
Here I Stand
I Know how it Works
'nuff Said
I am Confounded and I Scream
I Celebrate My Holy Days With Joy
It Doesn't Matter what You Think of Me
We Can't be Certain of God
No Shoes in Heaven
Repentance and Change
An Instant from the Edge
I'm not a Bigot nor do I Hate
Holiness Corrupted
He Came to Me
He Came to Us
We On-Dwell a Spinning Ball
Try ...
A Facebook Poetry Collaboration with Tara
I am too Small and My Flesh too Frail
I Miss the World I Dreamed to Live in
We Shall not Walk Those Distant Fields
Contrary to What You Think
I Wrote a Poem Once
Disbelieving You are Made
It Is Winter
If You Don't ...
"Christmas Brings Christianity Back for Me"
Let God Forget
Such a Hate Filled Place
In Days of Yore
So ...
Egg Nog
The Flame
Journey with Me, Won't You?
It WIll Not Be Enough
Dear God! Soon?
Were I ...
Exactly as I Indwell a Tent
We Too Have Grieved
Something Evil
One Bright Day
Always Trusting Someone
You Say Such Things
We're Not All Like That ... Or That
What do You Know Now
I Couldn't Care ...
But for the Grace of God
We Keep Asking "Why?"
This World with Sadness Shroud
There Must be Something More
It is not of Myself, this Gift
You Caused Me Untold Harm
I Continue to seek Their Approval
I Didn't Deserve You
Should You Deirde My Faith
You are not Alone
Oh Lord
Bless the Lord!
They Ran
Deceived by "The Force"
I Weep for this World
We Live in an Age
What Days Await
I Will Never Forget You
One Way
Life is Simply Delirious
Uncle Joe
On Chesterton & Lewis (et al)
"... died siddenly ..."
Suppose You ask me to Adopt
If I Teach My Child to Love
Joshua at Jericho
The Neighbours are Up In Arms
You can Wish all You Wish
You Sneer at Me, Ridiculing
Misapprehending Wrath and Love
"There Will be Blood ..."
The Price
You Stand Your Stolen Pulpit
Oh, Mary
How God Sees
Wet Paint
You Ask
You Were
I'm Not With Miley Ray On This
We had such Dreams
Where Would We be Without You?
The Way
Look Deeper
I Could Not Have Lived
As Long As ...
Wandering (2)
It Stands Firm
In This World
At this Road's end
Infinity's Edge
Jack ...
Delayed Reaction
Who Cares
Taking the Days
Comes the Day
... and I must go ...
The Year Wound Down to its Close
Rigel Burns Blue
My Redeemer Lives!
Anger vs. Justice
You ...
Monster II
Monster I
Hope Filled & Bright Eyed
It's Only Me
That's Not How ...
I Long for Your Salvation, Oh Lord
Oh! Bleak February
He Is!
i am nothing
None So Blind
Could One Prove God
He Will Kill You
My Fingernails are Ripping Out
So Great a Good
I'm With Miley Ray
Come, Grow Old With Me
Days Pass Slowly By
This Road has Walls
Lousy Sucky Stinking Day!
Thursday Morning - July 23
There Will be GLORY!
Sunday, After All
All is Well
I Don't Know How to Think
Do You ...
D-Day: 65 Years Later
Facing Jericho
What God Sees
Is it Me?
I Inhabit this World You Gave Me
You've Been Lied to
Things are not as they Seem
"Oh God! Our Help in Ages Past"
Running Out of Time
Basking in You
What Now?
Created for Him
You Must not Mourn for Me
Never Again
Lest We Forget
We Cannot Forget Them
It's Hard to Soar with the Eagles
The Gift
Allegorical Steak
The Test
Where it's Safe
Rescue of the Rebel
I Stop
Do You Know I'm a Christian?
Look Around You!
Job didn't Hide His Pain
I Am Man
It is a Lonely Road
I Would let go
He is not Just the God of Christmas
Sometimes a Stranger
I Shall See His Face!
I am a Missionary
Sarah at the Grammies
John Steinbeck, He Knew
Why Only the Eleventh
We Came Across God
Thank You God that I did not Evolve
Elijah - Me
This is no Trivial Life
Hezekiah's Prayer
Everyone Does Not Know
My Question
The Water Awaits My Entry
"This Man Receiveth Sinners!"
My Dog lays Trap-Wise
Lost In ...
Trust You with My Life
We Die Together
Like the Air
Where Does One Go When
God! Help Me!
Might as well Laugh
Sometimes a Day Goes by
His Light has Come Upon Us
Opposable Thumbs
One Million People Weep
Noble Words
A Father's Days
Oh LORD! I Need You
Wishful Thinking
On Reading of the Death of Hunter S. Thompson
Nothing here but Us
Broken Body
Under the Shadow of Bigger Kids
Standing on this Little Ball
The Schedule
I Know how this Works
I Don't Want to Smile
At that Time
Darkness Descendant
The Long Dark Night of Peter Rhebergen
Why Believe in Such a God
Look at Me!
Job - Closely Held by God
Hockey Naught in Canada
At the Center
There are Insufficient Words
First Beagle 2, Now Genesis
How Dare We
And Yet
The Dark
There is too much Grief in this Place
The Smallest Work of God
If Us, Why Only Us
Perhaps ...
What Lies Ahead
It Would Seem Odd to Give a Child Poison
To Mr. Svend Robinson (again)
They would have as Love what is not Love
Ah Today, One Could Dream of Summer
Just Say "NO!"
Has it Come to This
Empty (of the Colour of Christmas)
To Mr. Svend Robinson
We've Found the Universal Unity
Do I Weight Least at Noon
An Other Lost One Found
Ignorance of Grace
I am Like One Who has Died
Two Sides to the Same Fence
There is no Place, There is no Time
Faith Suffers not Embarrassment or Shame
Empty Parents Weeping
Glorious Light Shines Down from Heaven
They Believe the Fabled Atlantis
That is not Love what You call Love
Vanity of Man
Bed-Ridden, Pain-Wracked, Deserted by Hope
Explosion on Coming Home
Found in My Basement #1
I Have Tried to Weep but Cannot
Two Weeks Later
If You Could See My Face
Thursday Morning
A Man Dearly Loved
The Longing of Home
And They Shall Be One
They Must Never Be Forgotten
Dear God I want to Cry
No Such Thing as Safe
The Day the World Changed
These Fragile Bones
There Was a Time I Felt I Knew
The Silence
The Glory
Not so Obscure a Place
A Poem on a Sunday Afternoon
"It Happened Once"
God or Fraud
How Kind of God to Give Us Time
Echoes of The Glory
The Highest Service
Everything I Do
Our Greatest Loss for God's Greater Gain
We Buried what used to be You Yesterday
Strange that it didn't Make the Paper
To Friends Long Distant
Away from the Body, at Home with the Lord
"If God wants Me to Die ..."
My Neighbour Doesn't Understand
Mac Asked Me to say Grace Last Night
I Stumbled Upstairs
We Only have the Now
Dedication of the Land
The Fool has said in His Heart "There is no God"
He Came as a Breath of Fresh Air
Good God, What Creatures be These?
Standing on My Own
A Universe of Two
OK, So it was a Busy Morning Today
The Name of the Lord in My Children's Songs
Does the Reward Validate the Effort
Helpless Before the Power of God
Writing on the Sand
Man His Greatest Attempt at Perfecting
The Rose has Fallen
Could a Blind Man Lead?
Darwin's Mind Conceived a Thought
Catching David's Fire
Optimism Without a Hope
I Had Thought, 'scarce a Year Gone by
The Gift
Just Large Enough for Fire to Warm
The Arrogance of Man will be Brought Low
That I Thought Would Bring Me God
They Lie Peacefully Abed
Some Would See This World Of Stuff Alone
Sitting on the Couch
And Again
It's More Difficult in the Evening
I Begrudge Them Lord, These Men
I am not a Strong Man
The Increase of Wickedness
Comments on a Man's Magazine
On the Cover of a Man's Magazinee
The Fool has said: "There is no God"
Does No One Care, Does No One Know
To Shaun
The Pit
I Want to Hurt
To O.P.
Last Night
Your Tears
Me, After January 23, 2000
The Event of a Thousand Years
To My Sister - In Memory of the Days of Dreams
The Lark Ascended
Down in the Family Room
To my little bundle of sunlight, on a special day in the fall
Tracey in God's Care
Never a Cry
Ivanhoe, Saturday Afternoon, 1999
Sunday, Evening Sermon
Noon - July 20, 1999
Outside, My Children
Make Like a Fossil
Leaving Self
A Workday Morning
Fifty-Five Years Ago
Songs of a Dead Man
Hope - A Memory Before They Begin
Letting Go
To Emily, Daniel and Julia
What if They Gave a Newscast
Leaving Earth
March has Come, Entering Lion Like
Thirsting for Life in a Universe Devoid of Sign
I am not of Buchan's Heroes
How did You do it?
Too Much on Angels We Confer
Almighty God this World has Made
Jim Parker came to School last Month
Aircraft Down in the St. Lawrence
Found November 1998
After the Thrity First
Remembrance Day 1998
Upon Learning of the Death of an Israeli Soldier
Living in the New Town
Mocking Grace
Worshipping Earth
Each Attempt to Learn
A Reflection on Being Improperly Prepared
The Thunder
Wrapped Within a Shroud of Stars
I Saw You on the Road that Day
Oh that I Could Fly High Above this Place
On Occasion We Would Wish to Ask
Our Children's Blood
Upon Children Awaking at Awkward Times
Oh! I Wish I Lived in Quebec Today!
Beyond the Walls
Today I am Ashamed to be a Canadian
We Sang "Amazing Grace" Last Night in Church
The Untempting
Where Our Wonder Went
Facing the Cross
Good Friday, 1613, Riding Westward
I Asked His Help Along the Way
Looking Back
Cast Upon the Care of God
A Leap of a Different Kind
They Throw Themselves Carelessly
Just Another Day in Paradise
A Hand, Clutching
Not Man's Primal Roar
It's a Grand Day Out
No More Embarrassed by What i Am
The Stars O'erspread the Sky
You Will Not Go Wrong
Centennial Road Standard Church
Brian, and He that he Reflects
A Parable for the Toolman
The Unburdening
It Starts off Slowly
The Genius Behind the Words
As Embers Die
The Other Side
Found Summer 1997
The Next Logical Step
Even a Callous
I'd Rather Have Jesus
The Price of Joy is Far Too High
I Rejoice when Goodness Triumphs
People are People
Death Row
D-Day - June 6, 1944
Our Clocks are Slowly Dying
Act Two
Mid-Afternoon Walk
June 4, 1989
The Square Circle
New Blinds
Karawynn III
It is Calling Me
Karawynn II
Something Once I Tried to Grasp
If I am not a Man of God
Far too Close to Home
It Matters Not
They Stride as Kings
Where the Cannibals Live
You Cannot Stop a Dog from Being
A Line from Babylon 5
One Said, Long Ago
I Stand not at the Parting of the Ways
I Squandered a Wander
After the Mormons Left
I Think Therefore I Am
up! Up! UP!
The Blank Page
Bill Cosby Jr. was Killed Yesterday
I was Reading
Did You Ever Wake up at Night
The Lost
To Serve Man
Once Again I Prove My Mortality
A Deathly Gap Exists
Pillar of Flame
I Walked Into His Room Last Night
I saw Andromeda!
If I had Words
Behind the White there lies the Black
Ever Closer to the Night
I am not a Bigot
Ah 'tis Spring
After Milton and His Sort
A Treatise on the Christian Life
I Have Inside this Skin of Mine
Not a Soul Would Note
Credit to Your Race
The Gallery
And God Spoke
LORD! It's Come Again
God is Love!
I Came Face-to-Face with True Love
Again I Prepare to Leap
See that Man Standing there
To Penny
Before God
Fog Obscures Toronto
Walking Alone
Get Back You Evil Horde
Too Much We Take For Granted
Here I am
I had it Once
You, the Beginning of God's Creation
"In the Beginning God ..."
Truly Jesus You are Great!
For the Geleynses
My Parents After the War
Final Draft
First Draft
Autumn Landed Hard Today
How can Tomorrow Come
There is Condemnation and condemnation
I Stood Aside
I Hate this World
I Realized Lord
Sometimes I Fear
Something in Me Permits Me Live
Here I am, Lord
It is Evening
In The Commons
My Lord! Why?
It may be My Exhaustion
I Walk Upon this Earth
I Have Suffered Adam's Curse
I Praise My God
In Memoriam - A Self Portrait with God
In Memoriam - A Self Portrait
For a Time
The Grief Hides Deep
How can I Reconcile
How Dare You Demons Curse
Looking Back
Do You Know how Good it Feels to Dance
Clouds Boil Overhead
Mourner's Cup
Ah, But Life Goes On
I am but One
A Pause
Sun Rising High
I Can't Forget Your Love
My God! The Grief You Felt
For Opa and Oma: Early Farewell
The Battle Rages
Madison Square
God is Great, God is Good, Let Us Thank Him ...
Oh Lord! You're Beautiful!
We Take it so Casually
To Auntie Anita
Unanswered Questions
Who Will Bless the Givers
Lord, Who am I
Another Test I've Failed
My Companion
For Richard
The Guys on Fuller
Outside the Storm Winds Blow
The Fear of the Lord
To Those Who Pray
We Had Our Moment Today
Thank You, My Lord
The Goal to Which I Walk
My Friend, You Are Confused
This Heart of Mine Demands Me Weep
I am a Dreamer
I Have Once Been Young
The Answered Prayer
To Steve Vanderhilt and Larry Ablen
"Dear Pete"
Creator of the Rain that Thunders Down
Material Things
On My Desk Beside Me
I Read in the Bible
On the Edge of Sanity
Our God Reigns
To Ron Visser
Where Gratitude and Grace are Met
This Morning Lord
For Mike Baxter
To My Friend Randy
Thunder Rumbles Outside
In Your Image
Outside My Window Trees are Aflame
They are Born Alone
So What do I do Now
This Is It
I'm Sick to Death of Covering Up
To Opa and Oma
A Poem for Darlene
The Craziness of the Weekend
Hole in the Sky
Found August 20, 1988
Could I Become
A Metal Scream Echoes in the Night
I Saw the Tree Tonight
I Saw You Toniight
How can this Body Sing
He has Depths of Honour
Genesis 4:7
Tomorrow is Friday!
Part Two
Part One
A Bird Flies
Again, Tonight
You Who I'll be Leaving
And Even So
Outside, Snow is Falling
Did You see the Sun this Morning
Dear Al, Dear Judy
Down in a Pit
On Parting
Me, On January 21, 1988
The Sun Rises this Morning
Close to the Edge
Great Lord!
Here We Wait
To Emily, and to Life
They Praise Your Name
Sun's Coming Through the WIndow Now
You Stand there Smiling
Jesus Loves You
You Who Stilled the Wind and Waves
Last Night in Prayer
On Laughter
To Al Bennink and Judy Jonkind
Oh Lord, You Have Clothed Me
To Kim Probst
To "Opa" Hoftyzer
To Light You Think to Call me
Not too Long for this World
Standing in the Rain
To Lee (II)
To Lee (I)
Dad and I
After Karltje '87
Rain Drops
Evening Service, April 5, 1987
To John
Were I Outside
Today is Dead
I Know Not What
An Afternoon with Pete & Kelly
Thank You Lord
The Sun Shone Bright
For a Time
Being Men of Saintly Calling
The Skies were Red
Distant Brother
To Cathy
to Ev Flim, an other friend
Great God
It Is Over Now
Sitting Beside You
201 rue de la Commune
My Two Horses
After a Time
We Sit Here Now
One Night
Relief at St. Joseph's Oratory
Staring at the Floor
To Kim Probst
Stories that Lay Locked Inside
Moira River
The Rain (part II)
The Rain (part I)
Late at Night
thoughts at bedtime
Those Who Hold the Storm Clouds Back
Shadows Flit Across the Floor
In My Soul Lives Death
David Beneath the Stars
Upon Hearing You Sing
SItting Here
I Took the Chalk Within My Hand
Childhood Missed
The Colours are Changing
To Dough H & Darlene B
Let Your Mouth Never Speak
Monday Went Like Lightning
You Created, Oh Lord,
To John and Marian
A Score and Five I've Lived
You Sit Aside
Late at Night and I Come Home
Do They? I Don't Know
Rainbows, Friends and Miracles
If I am Less than Perfect
Could it be that
Love, Anger, Grief
Winks and Smiles
The Song has now Been Sung
A Hole
They Asked Me at Work
Twisting Trail
Children's Voices
What Would Be
Winter Returns
Here I Am
There Should be Dancing
Genesis 22 v. 1
You sit Across from Me
In Memoriam, John Prinsen
Words Fail Me
Tiny Little Feet
He Rose from the Dead!
How do I Return to Life
You Say to Me Be Still
Late in the Evening
The Wages of Sin is Death
Cast Yourselves off from Me
Two Way Street
His Life Entire
To Luke Meuller
He has in His Possession
At Last I Start to See
Alive, and Kickin'
I Must Sing Your Song
Sing and Dance
Standing by the Road and Tall
Around the Edges
Screaming Through a World
I Heard Your Name
Honour Held
The Second Hand
To God, In Thanks for Friends
Outside in the Sun
Let Me Praise My Lord
A Fall of Leaves
Rocking for the Lord
I'm Going to Live this Moment
I Long to Honour You
Andy DeBruin
The Morning Broke Through
We are the Light
Last Night
Pray for Me
Idiotic Ramblings
Thank You, Lord
I Always Seem to be There
And Miles to Go
I Lie
Look Forward My Friend, Look Forward
Lord, Because of You
Lord, My God
The First Hour took a Week
Am I, Lord, One
You Stand Before Us
Late at Night
Today, Lord
Lord, I'm Confused
Distant, the Thunder Sounds
How You Must Have Wept
If I would Talk with God
My Friend
Lying on the Grass Alone
You Left Your Flower in the Car
With These Hands
A Wish for You
Long and Lone I Wandered
When in Dark Despair I Wander
Behind a Pile of Bricks
To Ron, a Friend
The World About Me
Douglas, Roger and Dad
A Man, Disillusioned
The Feet of Playing Cats
For You to Understand
Late at Night
Lord's Day One
Here I Am, a Man
Out in the First Morning
My Friends
Monday Morning Sun
Once I Looked on You
A Year and a Week
401 and Shopping Malls
Upon Reflection
A Smile
Above My Wandering Eyes
Distant, the Thunder Crashes
Ah, 'tis Autumn Once More
By Living
To the Depths of Heaven I Ascended
You Came Into My Life
Thoughts Upon Returning
Wars Raging
There is a Barrier
Her I Am
It is Monday
Caught Up in a Streamer
Look! The Stars
Up High
Alarm Ringing
The Walls are Built
Woke Up with a Mist
Luke 19:40
Stars in My Eyes
Friendship Ring
Old Sol Dances in His Fields
At Last!
What is a Friend
Out on the River are Two Men
Rainy Night on Front Street
Gems Along the Way
Cheese Run
On that far Horizon
Christ is King!
Riverview March
How do I say Thank You?
It's Night Again, Lord
Heat that Rises
Paper Dream
The Moon's a Reflection
Autumn (the fall)
At One Moment WIld
Two Men Came to the Lord
Gems in Flight
Skis Rasp on the Snow
Sing Oh Earth
Life Goes On
Flaming Against the Sky
Late in the Day
Staring Into a Mirror
A Life I Wanted
This World with all its Beauty
When the Lake is Green
For Unto Us a Child is Born
My Lord, You are Great
What do You do when the Music Stops
A Friend is One
You Thought it was Yours
I Can Sing
To Those Who Wondered
Lord, It's a Beautiful Day
Tonight It Rained
I Know that Without God I Would Die
I Can't Stand Alone
Lord, Show Me Your Hand
He Came with a Song
I Come Home at Night
All the Little Things
I'd Just Returned from a Weekend
Roll Back the Curtain of the Mind
Let Me Have the Innocence of a Child
The Word Once Written
Bindweed Parable
Thunder Rumbles in the Distance
He's Left
From Here
Shelter Valley at Night
Give Me a Padded Cell
That Distant Bird
Macabre Circus
Does the Sun Shine Only
Have You Heard the News?
No Turning Back
Welcoming Committee
I Sit Here
Here's to the Dreamers
My Friend
Man on a Tight Rope
Impossible Dream
The Artist
Autumn Ride
The Promise of Tomorrow
Autumn's Hand Again is Shown
O God You Let Me Live
Master of the Storm
Buildings Upon a Block
I've Got to Sing
Time Goes On
O Man, I Must Live
One Death
I Wander Through This Place
I Met My Neighbour by the Way
I Mount on Wings of Siling Might
You Are ...
The Forgotten
I Took a Stroll

Each New Day A Miracle

Copyright Peter Rhebergen

All rights reserved

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