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January 1985


here I am

a man



resting in my hands


like a crown of jewels

resting on my brow

tomorrow's untold joys

hopes that light my eyes

every thing I touch

brings me such joy

every move I make

God has blessed

every friend I have

a treasure beyond price


great Lord

youve placed me here

to do your will

and I will

(I pray)

and like a child

I look to eternity

with joy

but Lord

great as that will be

a lifetime

an eternity

with you

still I live below

where joys are great

as well


I see perfection here, Lord

in love

in music

in people

if this is but the prologue

the book must be ...

... awesome

to say the least

but Lord

mustnt the prologue be read

to fullest extent

is it against your will

for me to wish

to stay


a time


there is so much yet

for me to do

so very much yet

for me to see

dear Lord

I want to serve you

in every way I can

and live my life

for you

thats what Im here for

for you


but still

youve made your child a man

a man

who loves

who laughs

who cries

a man who loves to live

the life you gave

for all its little joys


and sunshine


... so much more


let me taste it more

before I cross the threshold

to you


please, oh God

let me live,

while I live,

to praise you

to serve you

to love you


and to accept your will

for me

in the life I live


Each New Day A Miracle
Copyright Peter Rhebergen
All rights reserved