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May 3, 2009


I inhabit this world You give me
one man
upon a ball of rock
floating in space
held in Your care
one man
none who share this rock with me
none affirms what You let me share with them
as if they should
they are to Your glory

these gifts
not my own
but it hurts
to have done what I have done
and have none say "Well done!"
as if I should care
(but I do)
for what has not been said

I am here
but for You
and what You think of me
I am not sure
but You love me
of that I am certain
none but You
shows concern for me
let me be satisfied
that I can serve You
regardless of opinion
let me serve You
and in that
be fulfilled

and find refuge

from my tears


Each New Day A Miracle
Copyright Peter Rhebergen
All rights reserved