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September 1983


Id just returned from a weekend

Showing up at your place

Full of joy and laughter

Ready to be with you again

When I heard that you were sick

But I didnt worry

Later the family came back


Seems you were worse than they thought

They all cried, I couldnt

I just sat and stared

And wondered


Forgive me Ben, I just cant cry

Though I feel sad just the same

Tears that should come now

Ill save till youre gone

But until then

Ill pray God lets you stay



In memory of Ben Prinzen


My cousin and a good friend.


I had been at a youth retreat

looking forward to seeing Ben,

and the whole family together

again for the first time in years.

When I got to the house there

was no one waiting.  Ben had

been taken to Emergency.  He

died just two weeks later.


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