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June 13-15, 2019


I encountered him

he whose book is lighter than air

a year or two ago

and felt myself changing

trying to do what he does

in my same-but-different way


may call me

culturally inappropriate


I see it more as

“I didnt know you could do that!”


“Im going to pretend to be that!”


I could never be him

I am not him

I have not lived his life

I merely appreciate his gift

his too rare gift

as a student before his master

would follow his masters step


Others have I also found

He who walked the road less travelled

She who could not stop for Death

He who sang and danced for His God

I am not them

cannot be them

yet in some small way

I am their echo

for even here

in my wavering dark

some glimmer of their brilliance

illumes my soul


I am the better for them



In case youre wondering:


“he whose book is lighter than air” Rudy Francisco

“He who walked the road less travelled” Robert Frost

“She who could not stop for Death” Emily Dickinson

“He who sang and dance before God” David, King of Israel


Each New Day A Miracle
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All rights reserved