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December 1982




My friend

You are down

That's not good

I miss your smile

And how your eyes did too

Your whole face lit up

Showing more than words could ever say

How you felt


In the gloom

Your face shows naught

But a trace of the turmoil below

You clutch at laughter

Like one who is drowning

Like one who is drowning

You cannot hang on

And it slips away


Here I am

Powerless to help

You share your laughter

But not your sorrow

Please, let me help

I know I can

Two together beats one alone

It's the least I can do




Thank you

For your offer

I know you mean well

You (and I) know you can help

But I don't budge at all

Or very little


I'd open up

Let the problems billow out

But I can't do it to you

You've never seen me mad

So the door remains




I think I wrote this after seeing

Ilse cry for no apparent reason


Each New Day A Miracle
Copyright Peter Rhebergen
All rights reserved