Since the theory of evolution began to impact our world during the 19th century much effort has be given on the part of its opponents to scientifically discredit its pronouncements.  While this is all well and good and is assured of success (since evolution is a lie there can be no proof that evolution has ever occurred as the theory requires it to) it falls short of a perfect approach for several reasons:


1/ The current understanding of science is that a theory is successful if it fits observable reality and it can be repeated.  Creation fits marvellously with observable reality since it actually occurred, while evolution is forced into great contortions to adapt itself to the world we see around us.  Since creation was a one time event and evolution is an all out lie neither can be repeated.  Man, being a created being himself, is utterly incapable of causing creation to happen again.  God, being the creator of all and possessing the power to recreate all things at the end of time, will do so but at that point it will be too late to convince today's sceptics.


2/ No argument, however convincing, will ever convince a man to forsake a cherished belief if the Holy Spirit is not part of the process.  How many of us have convinced ourselves of the truth of a belief, in spite of evidence to the contrary until that evidence passed a point where the belief itself no longer mattered?


3/ Science is itself blinded by our preconceptions.  I believe in God who created all that is.  Consequently I am predisposed to interpret the evidence I see around me to fit with that belief.  Those who believe the lie of evolution interpret that same evidence to fit their belief.  Science cannot be isolated from the reality it wishes to explore, nor can it be isolated from the philosophy of the one exploring.


I believe that a good supporting argument rests as well upon a legal understanding of the evidence given by a witness.  A court of law is dependant upon the understanding that the witness being questioned is telling "the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth."  If this were to prove false our legal system would no longer function, it must assume a basic integrity on the part of its participants or it is helpless.  In this context I wish to submit the Bible as the testimony of a witness.  It is the Christian's belief that the Bible, though written by human hands, was inspired by God Himself.  it is the Bible's own testimony that this is true:


2 Timothy 3:16All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.


God's testimony of Himself is that He is unfailingly trustworthy.  Given these basic principles it stands to reason then that what God inspired Moses to write regarding the creation is true and states as much as man is able to understand exactly what occurred on the six days that began the universe.  From a scientific stance creation cannot be repeated but its echo can be seen today, from a legal stance creation cannot be understood but its factuality can be accepted since the witness who has given us the facts of the matter is trustworthy and must certainly know what He Himself has done.