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With the advent of inexpensive personal computers many of the above tools have been migrated into software applications that can take advantage of the incredible speed of information processing and retrieval of these devices. Most Bible study programs come equipped with the tools mentioned above but it is always a good idea to confirm this before you buy a given product. A well designed Bible study program makes it possible to perform an amazing amount of study in a much more efficient manner than would be possible with books and paper. An added advantage of such software lies in the ability to perform complex word and phrase searches such as finding all verses that contain the word "Jesus" but do not contain the word "Christ;" a capability that is very difficult to implement using any other tools. Bible software can range from packages costing several hundreds of dollars to those that may be distributed freely.

1 - My preferred computer Bible study software is "e-Sword" which consists of hundreds of megabytes of material, most of which is free and of very high quality. This program is constantly being improved for ease of use and additional modules are freely available at a multitude of internet sites.

2 - Since the advent of powerful cell phones (both Android and iPhone) many highly portable Bible study software tools have become popular. Since I use an Android phone my two favourites are: AndBible and MySword Bible (both available from the Google Play Store). Both are free and include a large selection of resources.

3 - An other free electronic Bible of very high quality is the "Online Bible" which contains a slightly different set of features and user interface than the "Online Bible" but which is equally functional. Many of its features are unique and truly valuable. Both "e-Sword" and the "Online Bible" also contain extensive maps, charts and images to enhance your study and understanding of the Bible.

4 - If you wish to have your electronic resources available outside of the host program a good choice would be "Bible Database." All textual material included with this software can also be opened by any text editors and can generally be copied to a single 1.44 Mb floppy for distribution.

5 - Logos is the name of a commercial software package with an extremely good reputation and which is available in several price ranges with a corresponding range of features.

6 - One final program I would like to recommend is "The Scripture Memory System." Created by my friend and associate Stephen Simpson "The Scripture Memory System" is a program designed to help you systematically memorize portions of Scripture. Though not a Bible study tool per se "The Scripture Memory System" is a valuable tool to help you to keep the word of God on your mind at all times and there is no better way to come to an understanding of the Bible than to meditate upon it.