The Book Background Method of Bible Study

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Method Eight - The Book Background Method of Bible Study

8.1 - Tools

8.1.1 - Bible dictionary and/or bible encyclopedia

8.1.2 - Bible handbook

8.1.3 - Bible atlas

8.1.4 - Various tools that allow you to experience in your time the environment of the Biblical cultures

8.2 - Steps

Step 1 - Choose the subject or book of the Bible

Step 2 - List your reference tools so that at the end of the study you can see which were of the greatest help in your study.

Step 3 - Discover what you are able of the following: - Who is the writer of the book - What is the date of the book - Where was the book written - For whom was the book written - Why was the book written - How does the book fit into the Bible overall; in addition, what light can be shed on the study when the book is evaluated in the following contexts:

- Geographical setting

- Historical events, prior, occurring, or expected

- Culture of the day

- Political situation

- Anticipation of coming events or personage(s)

Step 4 - Summarize your research

Step 5 - Write out your personal application