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February 1988


down in a pit

drowning in the atrophied morals

of a Godless society


Paul was right in saying

“You are in the world,

but not of the world”

he also wrote

“The sin I dont want to do,

I do”


here I live

in a world Im not part of

yet I am

I eat, I live, I celebrate


here I live

in a world I am part of

yet Im not

my goal is a better gold


tarnished Christianity

is worthless

so I sink like Peter

on the storm before his Lord


Christianity itself

is valuable

life itself it brings

and calm within the storm


disgusting as this world may be

however sick its dreams

I can survive, intact

in the middle of it all

in it but not of it

hanging on to God


and if, as man, I drown

I drown but a shadow

of what I am in God

with Him I am everything

without Him I am nothing


Down in a Pit
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

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