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November 15, 2005 - December 4, 2021

His Light Has Come Upon Us

Arise! Shine! For your light has come!

And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you!

too much we take for granted our walk upon this earth
within the soaring towers of mankind's dreams
our words, our deeds, we call our own
from birth to death forgetting God
our steps but raise the dust to settle as we pass
our plans and dreams follow us to death
yet we walk on hallowed ground
this world belongs to our mighty God
Our God! He too has set foot here
our boundless God squeezed into His creation
   a babe
       a boy
           a man
a Saviour!
measuring the earth beneath His steps
which not even demons could efface

our God is here, He lives, is near
our hearts long to feel His quickning joy
our Creator, our Master, our Lord, our Friend
is here, is with us, is guiding us to life
His light has come upon us


His Light has Come Upon Us

A poem by Peter Rhebergen
Copyright 2022
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