July 25, 2009


I dont know how to think

been bummed out since Thursday

trying to rationalize your death

with my ongoing life

and Gods eternal love


Im not sure Im thinking right

so immersed in the loss of a friend

Im unable to think of other's

even greater grief

and Gods eternal joy


I have no words, not a thought

just weeks ago we were laughing

enjoying each others friendship

yet now I mourn your death

in Gods unflinching grip


“even when your companion dies youre glad,

you know where your companion was headed”


My companion …


I know all will work for good

for you truly loved your God

longing that He be your childrens God

that they enjoy as you

our God of all comfort


Tears may endure for the moment

but shall pass

were glad you are with our God

yet grieve your absence here

God be with us all



As I was writing this, Andrew, who is

reading “Dangerous Journey,” made this

comment in response to learning that

Christians friend was killed by the town.


Just what I needed to hear

when I needed to hear it.


I Don't Know How to Think
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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