June 12-22, 2020


The Way Things Will Be


the other day I saw a video called

“How Maps Teach Racism In School”

my immediate, knee-jerk reaction was

(thinking it had misrepresented truth)

to say ”Thats Mercators Projection,

thats just the way things are.”


but on thinking about it more, I stopped

because thats how racism keeps going

isnt it, it thrives in the every-day

lives on in our (un-noticed) status-quos

in each of us who never stops saying

“Thats just the way things are.”


it's us, not the Mercator Projection map

keeps things going just the way they are

Mercators Projection is for navigation

its bias is longitudinal, we have the choice

the latitude to navigate the way things are

to find the way that things will be


The Way Things Will Be
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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