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December 1982


Man on a tight rope

A long thin line

He's carrying his world on his back

And it's a fair sized load

He'd look up

Before he looks down

For he's closer to heaven

Than he is to hell

That only makes the fall

A harder, faster one

Say some--the fools

Its chasm looms

Its tendrils clutch

But they cannot do battle

And win

The tight rope's his lifeline

And walk it he does

His head's in the sunlight

But it doesn't blind him

To the wiles

Of that below

That is his strength

Knowledge of his foe

Faith in his friend



I showed this one to Terry Barber

who made one or two good suggestions

which I used; dont know what they were.

You can see a little Rush-ism in here

if you look carefully


Each New Day A Miracle
Copyright Peter Rhebergen
All rights reserved