August 16, 2018


A Different Life

(for Jeannie Prinsen)


long ago you and I began

you were first, but not first

I was next, but not last

from that long ago

to a time less long ago

you and I were

and suddenly,

too suddenly, we


are not


I still leave your chair

it stands empty

will stand empty

forever, for all time

like this part of me

it waits on your return

but you wont come

cant come

God has the higher claim

I will go to you


when my today

becomes the less long ago

of those now my are

leaving them who with me

share our today

to their own were

save my chair in turn

I will be with God

as you are now

and stand at His gate,

both gazing

He who saved

and waiting

those who come


A Different Life
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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