May 18, 2005-November 18, 2019


A Father's Days


Dedicated to my father ~ George Rhebergen ~ with deepest appreciation


I remember

years ago, you said


"I would like to have been

a better father"


as though you hadn't been

and all opportunity had gone


I do not recall


being hungry

or cold

or unloved


I do recall



open arms

a caring heart


self evaluation is not

the truest guide

comparing what is

to what could have been

leads to despair


I have seen fathers

in many days

and know you to be the best


you led me to God

not prideful

or selfish

but with a woman at your side

and children beneath your wing

humbly seeing His example

of a Father's love

pale our own


you taught me tears

sometimes matter more

than muscle


you showed me to forgive

when hopes

turned into dreams

and morning came


you did not stop

being a father


nor I your son


when I left home

to return with a woman at my side

and children beneath my wing

but coached from further along

encouraging me onward

into this new

and sometimes overwhelming life


and years from now

(many, I pray)

when God has finally called you home

you will not cease

to be a Dad

for what I saw you live

I will live myself

in ongoing appreciation

of lessons truly taught

and the Truth behind the man


A Father's Days
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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