August 1988


A Poem for Darlene


lying here, on my bed

reading the many letters youve written

listening to the “Messiah”

praising the God you love

I remember the things weve done

the talks weve had

the friends weve been

and are (though distant)

I remember your smile

how it used to light up the room

I remember your voice

and mine in conversation

each a shoulder for the other

a sounding board for life

in all its variety

I remember your letters

always friendly

always praising God

which I seldom answered

do you remember the Youth Service

August 86

in Port Perry?

I wrote this there for you and Doug:


sitting next to you in church

last night

I thought

what glory!

getting carried away in love

God was truly there!


El Shaddai


Praise the God:


do you remember the soloist

faltering on the words

the three of us

and others

began to sing

we knew the song

and felt it bursting out

a church full of youth

joyfully singing

freely praising God


       El Shaddai


I remember it


God was truly there!

He was truly in us!

as He is truly in you!

in all I remember

lies proof


you said (long years ago)

I was a friend to you

it may be true

for you are one of those

that showed me God

how could I not be your friend

after that?


and lying here, I think

that soon you are to marry


the man of your dreams

you spoke of him often

I pray that God will bless you

that He will remain truly in you

in the two of you

as now your pathways join

others (like myself) are praying

they join also with Gods

in Him alone lies life

(youve told me that so often

I remember)


I pray God will keep you

and guide you through your life

as He promised

I pray too, that you love Him

in the time to come

as you did

in the time now gone


continue to inspire me

with your faith

and joy

God bless you

as He has blessed me through you



For Darlene Borger, a very good friend

Her wedding to her Will was Beth and my first date.


A Poem for Darlene
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

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