July 1986


a score and five Ive lived

of the three and ten I have

one third of life has passed me by

and before me lies the downhill slide

too near at hand it seems


Ive walked this world of sand and stone

ever and again Ive turned

a flight of fancy, a glint of sun

a distant voice thats called me on

Two thirds left and fit to spend


Ive not ventured out on limbs

or climbed the pathway to the stars

Ill never be a king of men

and in daring win their praise


Upon the earth and in my heart

Ive sung my song to God

Ive laughed and loved and smiled and cried

and held many a friendly hand

Ill hold many a friendship more


Its true Ill never tread the moon

or journey past the skies

still Im a blessed man

Ive love, Ive God, I could ask no more


And if many pathways Ill never walk

or many cities never see

at least "Ive seen their signs"

and that will be enough



A line from “Kate and Allie”


A Score and Five I've Lived
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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