April 1985


A Wish for You


I wish for you:

Sunlight and starshine

and the light of the moon

to fill your life forever

and throw away the gloom.


I wish for you:

Raindrops and rainbows

and soft summer breeze

to fill your life with freshness

and your heart with peace.


I wish for you:

Cat purr and dog games

and squirrels by the score

to fill your life with laughter

and lead your soul to soar.


I wish for you:

Mercy and blessing

and never ending love

to lead your heart to heaven

and turn your eyes to God.


I wish for you:

Good news forever

for all youve done for me

forever may His riches

give your life its joy.



A birthday gift for a friend


A Wish for You
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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