October 28, 2019-January 7, 2020


Im an adherent

at least

thats what they tell me

I am

not a member

an adherent

a brother who is

yet isnt



their hurdle is that I think

my confession of Christ is sufficient

for full fellowship

and they think it isnt

they tell me Ill need to sign their form

before theyll let me be fully of them

this is more than I think needful to do

or am unable to do

or am unwilling to do, even


but I have a wonder

so very large a wonder

if they think my confession of Christ

is insufficient

for them

if they think my signing their paper

binds my more truly

to them

than my commitment to my Saviour

already binds me

to God

do they even understand who I am

and if not me

then what of this faith we share


could their faith be certain

or dim and foggy path

from which scattered truth

picked and chosen

is glued to thought already owned

without necessarily regarding His Truth


and I have another wonder

an absolutely huge wonder

an almost as large as life wonder

which is

if I think this, and

if they think that

both of us cannot be right

who of us then stands best

adheres most closely to His voice

amid the tumult of other calls


is being of them

on such terms

(confusion, at best

deception, at worst)

what I need to be

what I should even desire


who do I become

if I argue or agree

with them

more importantly

would I still

be with God


A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

Each New Day A Miracle
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