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July 1, 1984


alarm ringing

too early in the morning

I wake

just to make sure

“Yep, its too early”

and fall back asleep

and wake again

in good time

to bike to town

to see the parade

from the shade of

a well planted tree

       off to one side


and there it is

our chain of life

wending its way down Bridge

Harvey in his Model T

A.R.C. on their trailer


its over, Im hot

Baskins ice-cream

sure hits that spot


outside the sky lights up

anemones swim the night

their call bouncing

through our town


       (light and sound)

on church walls

and dying in the night



Dominion Day, 1984.  Spent the day

in Belleville, having biked in early.


Alarm Ringing
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

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