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October 18, 2019




they tell me I don't stand alone

when I say I feel I do

they tell me theyve got my back


       so why do I still feel forsaken


they tell me these and other things

when I come to them for help

things I think they think are comfort


       so why do wounds seem not to heal


oh God! You are my only thread

on days like this I could not go on

did I not believe that You Are


       I stand alone on You


oh God! You must be, please

do not not be

if You are not I have no hope


       I may as well give up


end this hopeless tortured life

yield my soul to that emptiness

if You are not must be all that is


       why avoid the abyss any longer


I have no hope if You are not

this triumph over pain is senseless

one madness overcome by another


       if You are not I cannot be


if there is no You in all this here

I live as hopeless as when I die

todays dark but eternitys prelude


       oh God! oh please God, be!



A poem by Peter Rhebergen

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