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November 10-11, 2022


baptism can be confusing

some say it's an act of obedience

some say it's a symbol of new life

some say it's a sign of community

some say it follows repentance

all of these are found in the Bible

each one applies in its own context

the dying thief could not be baptized

yet would be in Paradise with Jesus

Paul said baptism was important

though he himself did not baptize

entire households were baptized

on the repentance of their heads

uncounted believers were baptized

immediately upon their salvation


the confusion seems more to follow

our craving a one size fits all solution

to a question with many answers


baptism is an important act

but not so much so as faith, and

like any other point of doctrine

once we push it out of context

there's no telling where it might go, or

where it might pause along the way



A poem by Peter Rhebergen

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