November 9, 2008 - May 5, 2009


Basking in You


a poem of farewell and friendship

for John Vandermeer


you apologized, smiling,


for interrupted conversation

your own popularity

halting our words

their own love for you

intruding our good byes


there was no need to


that was not why I came

you are my own true friend

I came to bask in your smile

storing you up

for your absence


I would have stood with you


just to share this time

one more moment added

to the years behind us

marking these short seconds

as precious as hours


few have I loved as you

one with whom I have no


closer than a brother

dearer than a wife

what in God would I

not have done for you


I would be content

but to have seen your smile


silent all the while

happy in the joy of friendship

with one loving God

with all of life


knowing you knew me

and cared

what need had I for more

to see you care again for those


glory upon glory



regret not the failing words

that would but blur the glow

of these final hours

it was a joy to be near you

to bless you on your way

and know that all these passing years

had never been in vain


Basking in You
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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