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December 17-20, 2022




before God planted the Garden of Eden

He knew that the choice made there

would help a serpent try usurp His place


before God spoke light into darkness

He knew that Dark would rise against

the Light He would send to find the lost


before God spoke water into its place

He knew that He would calm the waves

grasping at twelve terror stricken men


before God spoke trees into growing

He knew that we would one day craft

the tree on which we would hang His Son


before God spoke stars into glowing

He knew the one He would use to call

distant saints to kneel before their King


before God spoke fish into swimming

He knew there would be a hungry boy

willing to give his lunch to his Saviour


before God spoke birds into flying

He knew the worth we would give a sparrow

would far exceed that we gave ourselves


before God spoke beasts into grazing

He knew their blood would be our sign

restoration held a price too vast for us to pay


before God formed man from dusty Earth

He knew their hands would hang Him

as their cries would mock His death


before God proclaimed His day of rest

He knew the greater rest held in store

for all whose faith rested on His Son


before God made all that ever is or was

He knew that He would give us Christmas

that He could also give us Easter


before God made any to rule on Earth

He knew that He would make His Son

King over all that is or ever was



A poem by Peter Rhebergen
Copyright 2023
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