December 1988




this morning the girls tried on

for fun

thirty-five thousand dollars in rings

one ring

laughing at the “movie like” feeling

of it all


then, adventure calling

rising ninety-four floors

above the street

to look down upon this city

from eleven-hundred feet

country kids

out for a walk in town


this afternoon it changed

from diamond studded pendants

to litter ridden streets

from the  height of mans achievement

to the depths of his despair

and we

as Christians

in shock

observed these two extremes


from the worlds top

to its basement

in short hours

shaken by the transit

we want to save the world

it came and entered our home

our safe backyard invaded

no longer safe from storm


with our hearts ablaze for God

desiring to work His will

found for ourselves

how close His will can be



After a “Students Serving Students” weekend

in Chicago and finding the limits of reality and

how close despair exists to our sheltered lives.


A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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