January 16, 2020




someone I dont much read, anymore

recently said:


“For me, the diversity issue … did not come up.

I would never consider diversity in matters of art.

Only quality.

It seems to me that to do otherwise would be wrong.”


and created a tweet-storm


(dont-cha just love the Internet

so many opinions, so little Truth)


which I found surprising, he seems

not at all as they cry, he is

I find it also surprising

that so many honestly think

preferring the minor to the major is

not discriminatory yet

preferring the major to the minor is


when all he really said was:


“Quality matters, in matters of art

Preference of one, for any other reason

over another, would be wrong.”


though we often disagree


(I have not read his books in years

they frighten and distract from God)


as he I believe that the best

and the best alone matters

in any matter worthy thought

choosing to fill a quota

as much a bigoted act

as choosing ones peers

if the choice belittles the best



At this week's announcements for the

Academy Awards Stephen King got into

trouble for the comment quoted above.

I don't get it, all he said was that he will

vote for quality instead of for quotas.

Aren't the Academy Awards about quality?


A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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