November 15, 2009


Come, Grow Old With Me

after John Lennon

through The Seven




they sang last night

a short engagement

celebrating a long commitment

“grow old together with me”

celebrating an invitation

given and accepted

many years gone by

and the walk that followed


and there, in the middle

you stand

the center of our joy

surrounded by friends

growing older together


you did it!

thanks to our God

you really did it!

fifty years

eighteen thousand days

each day a new “I do!”

in constant chain from the first

raising others, themselves

growing older, together

your example lives on

in the eternal place of ageless love

but last night

oh, last night,

surrounded by friends

each one wishing well

it seemed that growing old


was not so bad a thing

at all


Come, Grow Old With Me
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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