August 20, 2021


for many months I have been concerned

for you, for me, for this troublesome rift

(maybe earlier too, now seeing the hints)

you told me “Dont speak to me again!”

“Your agreement with his criticism hurt.”

that road of accusation went both ways

you said that I was a repulsive hypocrite

you would not accept my sincere concern

both saw and knew the other way wrong

perhaps we are still wrong, its hard to tell

with so much confusion between believers

our misunderstandings of what God wants

lead to conflicts the world should never see

we have not the grace to change our mind

but cling to the mast, firm and unyielding

I wonder if since then youve prayed for me

prayed for the soul you claim is in jeopardy

Im not sure for you wont let me talk to you

so I dont know if you pray for my salvation

or if youve given me up as one of those lost

(from what you lately say it seems you have)

and I wish it wasnt so, that I could still speak

bounce my ideas off of you to learn or teach

as God gives us both His much needed grace


A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021
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