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October 22, 2021




I wont say his name

but everyone here knows him

or has heard of him

has him on one side

of their fence, or

has him on its other side

he is, to say the least


some say he is heroic

some say he is disgusting

but however you see him

what he did three days ago

is an act beneath contempt



After a certain Ontario MPP posted to Facebook about a dozen pictures of people he says have died after being vaccinated against COVID-19, either as a direct result of the vaccination or because it exacerbated a pre-existing medical condition. He posted their photos, names, personal details and presumed their cause of death.


Without asking their families for their consent.


Regardless of if he is right or wrong, regardless of if we agree with him or not, his capitalizing on the tragedies of others to advance his own agenda is contemptible.


What he did is inexcusable.



A poem by Peter Rhebergen
Copyright 2021
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