September 13, 2020


Dark Side of the Moon


we have spoken, we many men

who know not what we speak

of “the dark side of the Moon”

as though hid and dark are kin

and so eminent an informant as

Pink Floyd, once waxed lyric

of “the dark side of the Moon”

even our own, illustrious NASA

were hesitant to land their Eagle

where bulk impenetrable hulked

in silence as solid as the dark

which more intermittent spun

as Heinlein named her “harsh”


harsh she may be, and silent yet

but dark is as remote from her

as the tomatoes in my back garden

both savour cyclic night and light


diamond Moon and ripe succulence

I savour both at a pleasant walk


Dark Side of the Moon
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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