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October 31 - June 16, 2022


Dear God!

(Were Blaming You for Our Own Mess)

a response to XTCs “Dear God”


Dear God, hope to know You better and

I pray we help make it better down here

I know we cant completely obliterate each tear

But tell the people that theyre made in Your image

Serve the hurting, give relief

Cause we forget were ambassadors here

They cant believe in You


Dear God, Im sorry I fail You yet

I know that Youll hear me, make my way clear

To work with You in reducing our infinite tears

Yet all us people that You made in Your image

We keep fighting in our streets

Cause we wont make our opinions match You

We wont believe in You


Though we caused disease, You make all new!

Though You made mankind, we would unmake You!

Were the Devils tool!


Dear God, dont seem that weve noticed but

You came in our place and You gave us this book

And us crazy humans miss it, we dont care to look

And all the people that You made in Your image

Believe that other junk is more true

Well I know it aint, and so do You

Dear God

I must believe You

I must believe


I must believe in Heaven, in Hell

The saints, the sinners, the devil as well

The pearly gates, the thorny crown

We blame You for letting humans down

The wars we wage, the babies we drown

Those we could free and never unbound

And its the same the whole world round

The hurt we cause, evil compounds

That Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Made to appear an unholy hoax

Yes, Youre up there! I must believe

That You know my tears ere I grieve

If theres one Truth I MUST believe in


Its You

Dear God


It is You!


Dear God!

A poem by Peter Rhebergen
Copyright 2022
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