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October 26, 2022


Dear God


the last several days have been rough

I couldnt see that life held any joy

or that my life held any value at all

but for the Foundation beneath me

Id rather have given up than go on

it was very hard, going on, but I did

and today Im glad, the cloud is gone

going on is less painful, more joyful

it feels good to want to be alive again

and not believe that Im totally rubbish

I know could not have gone on alone

You held me up, let me see Your light

I feel that now You again can love me

but I know that Youve always loved me

before I ever was I know You loved me

under the cloud I knew You loved me

beyond the despair I know You love me

Your love for me is of Yourself, not of me

just by being Who You are You love me

thank You Father, for my life I thank You!



Today I emerged out of a severe depression event

It began about a week and a half ago




But today my body feels much better

my brain has stopped buzzing

I can see that there is joy in life again

And all I could do this morning

is thank God that He made it possible

for me to be here


to enjoy being alive



Dear God

A poem by Peter Rhebergen
Copyright 2022
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