April 10-12, 2020


death thinks it has won

has no more cause for fear

its Nemesis at last entombed

behind stone and seal and guard

forlorn, blood-soaked timbers

darkly stand on silent crag

above nail and jar and spear

silent testimony to its triumph



it always wants the last laugh


death thinks it has won

stands upon this tortured stone

raises defiant shout to God

“What will You do now?” it cries

“Ive destroyed Your long laid plan!

Ive murdered Your futile Son!

Your Son, Your beloved Son

lies dead. Ive won, you fool! Ive won!”



it always tries to laugh last


death thought it had won

Friday night and Saturday

did not know at Sundays dawning

behind stone and seal and guard

Life! Unconquerable LIFE!

would easy burst its futile bonds

dance free upon the earth

tread underfoot His mortal foe



will never have the last laugh


Death is not the Victor
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

Each New Day A Miracle
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