October 5, 2018




they walk hand-in-hand with death

unconcerned that holocaust

following in their wake

uncaring the destruction

theirs alone the making

that lives within their lies

they kill, gladly

to the moment of birth

unheeding the endless screams

of the millions never born

too many thrown away

never given chance to plead

that they too be given breath


they walk hand-in-hand with death

they cheer, gleeful

those who march

their horrific parade

they boast, proudly

“my/her body

my/her choice”

as though the life inside

had not its own soul

had not its own body

wanted not its own choice


they walk hand-in-hand with death

they array themselves

in all their obscene might

against our least able

against our most helpless

against our silent millions

never given chance to breathe

in their mad abandon

they destroy the very lives

given them to nurture


they walk hand-in-hand with death

we are ourselves abused

we reveal their immorality

to eyes that scorn to see

we are to them

the hated mirror of their shame

we alone of all proclaim

the danger keen to claim its due

along their dash to destruction

the death awaiting this roads end

their spirit so relentless quenched

no longer able to look for hope


they walk hand-in-hand with death

the only course they know

death and lies their stock in trade

they fear not their Master

they fear Truth

they fear Light

they fear what they know

aches within their souls

lies buried far below

the darknesses of their hate


they walk hand-in-hand with death

these, the living dead

whos eyes and hands and mouths

spew violent filthy lies

fast rushing to their doom

they pause only to hate

to strike out at love

at the outstretched arms

that plead their change of heart


A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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