March 1985


Douglas, Roger, and Dad


I remember



when we used to share a job

how you would stop

to tell me things

my youth could not have seen …

… and how Charlie

used to brag

about us

and how wed never agree

but for music

and stereos …

… and how a customer

could walk away from you

their day made bright

just by talking …

… and how we used to joke

over steaming hot coffee

on a hill

by the bay

in the fall



for showing me the ropes

for giving me some fond memories

for ignoring my ignorance

may God bless you

even more

than He has blessed me

through you



All my mentors, great and small, the first bit.

Douglas Law, block artist, the Charlie bit.

Roger Burton, Sears, the customer bit.

Dad and I siding a house in the fall out on

Rednersville Road the final and best bit.


Douglas, Roger and Dad
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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