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October 12-21, 2018




the wind blows hard


leaves dance across the yard


birds seemingly disinclined

to soar

struggle to stay in their roosts


hats struggling to stay on heads

bent down

to meet the unseen flow


and dust

such dust!

careens into corners

sandblasts the here

changes the now

into something new





who knows from where this dust has come

could be that construction site

down the street

or from that UPS truck

on some mad careen of its own




a very significant but


this dust may have flown from

Taipei or Timbuktu

or Timiskaming


to tarry here

in Toronto


who knows




a very significant but




just maybe


this very dust is of majestic realm

caressed across the restless seas

to bless our trivial home

with mystical touch of


with wonder to surround us!

and grace our here

our now

with some distant there

and then



just maybe


this storied dust

is in this very here

is in this very now

is alive within our breath

is become

one with us


and if?


then oh!


what glory!



I find it interesting where inspiration flows;

this one flew in on the walk back from the

Chocolate Factory next door, after we heard

a cry and a loud crash and went to check.

Dust blew on my cheek and I wondered …


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