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December 12, 2003



(of the Colour of Christmas)


the four of you,

standing upon your fame

before the adoring decades,


there was no Christmas here


(nor a christmas, or X-mas even,

save possibly in the bits we couldnt hear)


merely aging egos serving selves

and in that a darker cause

for whom Christmas is not joy

but despair, not victory

but defeat


we prayed

were unharmed by the assault

and in our walk with God

went forward

sad at such talent lost,

wasted in the enemys cause



In response to The Colors of Christmas,

Massey Hall, Toronto, 2003. In which

was much colour but little Christmas.

Their own promotional statement that:


“The Colors of Christmas is a new

generation of Christmas Show designed

for today's audience as a contemporary

alternative to the standard holiday attraction”


seems more an attempt to say that the need

of the Christian Christmas has passed away.


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