March 20, 2019


Every Person Knows


every person knows

whether faithful, faithless, ignorant or learned

every person simply knows

we did not just spring up here, where were at, weve moved around

there was child birth, children growing up

leaving “home” and making a new “home” somewhere else

because of these we are where we are now

we are where what we call “home” is now

so, when some person says

“So-and-so are being pushed out of their home land”

perhaps we should assume they already know

whether faithful, faithless, ignorant or learned

perhaps we should just assume that our migration is known

that they know that our “home” now isnt where weve always been

“home” has been transient since we first appeared on this shared ball

“home” is where weve lived so long its no longer relevant who called it “home” before us


you know

like how we move into a new house and call it “home” right away

as though those whom we replaced had never called it theirs


“home” is a transient thing, it follows us, our hats, our hearts

“home” is where we find our joy, our peace, our quiet, our safety

that this place that is now our “home” was once an others “home”

does not negate our own claim of “home”, or make it less worthy

“home” is where we are, have been, will be, until such time we move

regretful though our leaving be, “home” will follow where we are


Every Person Knows
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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