May 20, 2021


The Pillars of Evolution are crumbling

not surprising, really

since they are no more substantial

than the least coherent will-o-wisp

that ever deceived the mind of man

leading him down the garden path

blindly past beauties of every design

to gloat in the junk heap at the back


The Pillars of Evolution are crumbling

where Darwins Arch had stood

though Darwin is no more of this world

than the word once foolishly spoken

and as he has fallen, so with the arch

which, so futilely, once bore his name

as will The Pillars of Evolution crumble

overcome by relentless tide and wave



After reading a news article about "Darwin's Arch"

collapsing and becoming "The Pillars of Evolution."


Evolution's Pillars
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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