August 24-25, 2021


Far Too Many


“Far too many arent smart enough to know this

and it makes me sad.”

you say this

as one who has been made the purveyor of all knowledge

as if those who do not think as you do are wrong by default


do you know what I find sad?

I find it sad that there are far too many like you


who own so firm a grip on their own righteousness

they cannot see what they hold in error


who shine their light so constantly toward others

they fail to illuminate their own darkness


who are so ready to correct any perceived wrong

they overlook the fault inside themselves


I was struck by all this thought this morning

after seeing your Facebook post

recalling how you lately suggested how we should vote

in the election we have on the horizon

found truth in a struggle with reconciliation

recalling also your praiseworthy stand against abortion

yet knowing that each of our major parties

advocates for Choice over Life


you, who bask in your self-righteous doctrines,

do you dare suggest I support an evil

made less so by its size


oh the humanity!


Far Too Many
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021
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