March 19-20, 2019


Truth Unseen


truth is a lost art

these days of hate

unknown and rare


you are despised

for words spoken

but you were right

there is standard

and it is doubled

silence on one side

built on fear of

unknown what ifs

and avoidance of

violent retribution

outcry on the other

the velvet glove

reveals its iron fist

and you, I think

were knocked out


Im probably obtuse

but I cant see where

you spoke untruth



If in reading this you think that I am either

a white supremacist or that I in any way

condone white supremacy, I want to let

you know you couldnt be more wrong.


I have not, I could not, and I will not

condone white supremacy in any way.


I am just a man who rejoices in Truth;

who weeps when Truth has been abused.


Truth Unseen
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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