how insidious that Satans attempts to replace God

really are


low down

       dirty rotten

               nasty old



here we stand

upon a ball “poofed” into existence

by the awesome word of God

and Satan tells us:


       “why, its merely cosmic dust!”


above me

blazing jewels adorn the night

flaming galaxies cavorting in the hand of God

and we are told:


       “nothing plus nothing equals something”


       “0 + 0 = 1”


gazing back in wonder

from whatever mirror we use

we see the amazing creature

God calls creations crown


not knowing whether to be revolted

when told we began as bugs

or to be proud

when told we all are gods


but we are Gods

whom Gods own Son once died to save

exit disgust

fade away pride

enter joy and claim our lives


even the beasts

God made and proclaimed “Good!”

are given higher honour than is allowed

when called


       “alternative offshoots of a common ancestry”


well I dont care

how sneaky that demon tries to get

he wont fool me

I am Gods


by right of manufacture

by right of maintaining

by right of Jesus blood


He didnt die to save no whale

He died for me



however persuasive or pervasive


in all of time

change truth


Found November 1998
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

Each New Day A Miracle
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