August 14-October 25, 2018


From the English Patient


I know of one who studies English

loves the language and its rule

who kindly binds up any blemish

that words may be ones perfect tool


Who at times may read my poem

and to my words add sage advice

but suborning form to legal function

o'erthrows my oddly formed device


Yet when confront by greater truth

than grammar's laws of proper usage

yields unstopped to public fancy

smiles with those whose voices rage


How odd that one to form adhering

would the higher form so swift decry

who truth abuses as I do grammar

our convenient roads to careless ply



On someones comment on my poem

"On Vermeer’s Hat that we is poor

grammar and should instead be us.

Who yet throws Gods truth aside for

the worlds deceptive words.


From the English Patient
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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