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August 14, 2022


Glory to the Maker!


these trees, these hills, these waves

how they give glory to their Maker

their sway, their flow, their tumult

how these sing praises to their Creator


and I, surrounded by these wonders

how can I not also sing praises to our God

His word, which formed these wonders

is the word which forms and fashions me

His power, which upholds these wonders

is the power which holds and sustains me


I, like these wonders, on Him depend

am nothing without His constant care

I, like these wonders, can do no more

than sing to Him my praise unending



Beth and I were on the ocean in a valley in the Cape Breton Highlands, surrounded by trees tossed by winds and hills towering above us and waves crashing on the shore. How could one NOT give glory to God when He is endless praised by surroundings such as these.


Glory to the Maker!

A poem by Peter Rhebergen
Copyright 2022
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