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December 21-22, 2021


God-given Rights


inconceivably pursued up the Cliffs of Insanity

Inigo Montoya said “You keep using that word,

I do not think it means what you think it means.”


but I digress


many brothers and sisters misuse another word

decrying the theft of their God-given rights

by powers neither God nor themselves


as if God has given us any rights beyond these:


the right to enjoy Him and His many gifts

the right to become His beloved child

the right to obey and honour Him

the right to suffer for His glory

the right to inherit His life


not one of these can ever be stolen from us

man can take only what man has given

what God has given no man can ever take


and I regress


they keep using that word

I do not think it means what they think it means


God-given Rights

A poem by Peter Rhebergen
Copyright 2022
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