August 23, 2018


Gone Solo


we had to remove him

he shot first, you know

it left an ugly taste

knowing our hero

was not as noble as our hopes

failing our aspirations

so we removed him

bounty hunters united

from Outer Rim to Coruscant

were headed our direction

for the death marks on us

for his lack of couth

despite last minute redemption

so we removed him

what else could we do?


the Millennium Falcon silent stands

above a grieving Wookies howls

Docking Bay 94s dry dust

blows round the futile feet

of one tired old man

and his side-kick

a whiney, shock-faced boy

hopes of glory dashed

by troopers now surrounded

while above them stars go dead

in evil Empires rampant run

through silent screams on countless worlds

unchallenged across the skies

flaunts its power ever boldly

beyond the ken of Tatooine


tis tragic, true

yet what else could we do

Han shot first

he should have waited

that great mis-deed

overwhelms all greater

we HAD to remove him

what else could we do?


Hail the Empire!


Gone Solo
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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