May 13, 2020


Govt <- Obedience -> God


those caring for us say “Stay home!”

“An unpredictable death surrounds us!”


so I will not attend worship service

as my presence could harm another



full stop

end of discussion


their life is not a thing I can risk


yet if one were to tell me “Stop!”

“Dont go lest you be punished!”


I doubt my absence would remain



Before someone tells me that my brothers and sisters

around the world face death in worship of our God,

continuing now as did members of the early Church,

and we should therefore disobey govt restrictions

on social gathering (to limit the spread of COVID-19)

or we risk disobeying Gods command for us to gather,

they must also be able to tell me why obeying God

allows me to put the life of my brother or sister at risk.


Ive discussed this with several friends who say that our

obeying the govt social gathering restrictions puts us in

opposition to Gods command to gather, but God also

commands us to care for those weaker among us and,

as far as I can see, obeying these restrictions has more

the appearance of the latter than it has of the former.


Sometimes, obeying God requires obeying the govt.


Gov't <- Obedience -> God
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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