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January 20-29, 2022


Graceless and Godless


a Dr. Macarthur sermon was pulled yesterday

YouTube's community standards were offended

hate speech and all that, despite its being truth

but now my brothers and sisters are crying foul

loudly criticizing YouTube for being what it is

absent from God and therefore devoid of grace

which leads me to wonder why should we expect

the graceless and Godless to act any other way

but gracelessly and Godlessly, as if with no hope

which is what they have, no hope, despite smiles

affirming equality and tolerance for all concerned

(despite their tolerance being a frail construction)

but life does not end with equality and tolerance

but with separation: pain and tear or love and joy

should we, who have hope, condemn the hopeless

should not we, who have hope, instead rejoice that

He who gives hope can more easily be seen in us


Graceless and Godless

A poem by Peter Rhebergen
Copyright 2022
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